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How to get a plane ticket without spending ANY money!

The internet is filled with ways to earn airline miles by spending money or buying this or that. But there are a few places where free airline miles can be found if you are willing to put in a little effort instead. I use several sights to put together airline miles that I can redeem for Travel!


I use United so I currently working four different sights that give you airline miles for United Mileageplus. OpinionMilesClub, E-rewards, e-miles and MyPoints. Using all four of these you can earn one or two free tickets a year just by answering some survey questions. Remember the surveys are often asking questions about your opinion, or willingness to consider things so it is fair to be liberal when applying your opinions. Pick the best answer and don’t spend to much time dwelling on the question. Pick and answer and go with it! Once you get good at doing the surveys you can often finish them in quicker times than they predict.

Opinion Miles Club

Opinion Miles Club is one of the best. I get about 150 to 250 points a day from opinion miles club. Join fill out your information and answer some general questions about yourself and start doing some surveys! The points go into your United account almost automatically. Use my link to sign up and I get a few miles and I will be very thankful. Using this site alone you can earn at least one round trip ticket a year without putting in a single dime. The trade off? Well, you must spent an hour a day or so answering questions so in the end I guess you do “pay” for it after all. But if you have time and no money than this list is for you.

E-Rewards is another great site that puts the miles right in your United account. But E-rewards works a little differently than OpinioMilesClub. With E-rewards you earn dollars for answering surveys that you can then redeem for all kind of products including United airline miles. This site gets fewer surveys than OpinionMilesClub but they pay a little better so it’s definitely worth signing up. The best advice i can give you for E-rewards is to do the survey immediately when you get the email because they do run out of space. You do “pay” for it after all but if you have time and no money than this list is for you.



E-miles will also put the miles right into your United Mileage account. But with E-miles your not answering surveys. E-miles has promotional offers for you to view and you get a few miles, 5-10, just for checking out the offer. Many of the offers include additional miles for signing up or buying the product in the offer. E-miles also has some interesting causes that you can donate to and receive airline miles for your donation. Each offer is a little different but often time you can donate to a cause and receive as many or very close to what you would get if you bought them from United directly. Without taking advantage of any of the promotions you can expect to earn 500 to 1000 point a year from E-miles. Not much but these to add up.


My-Points also has surveys that allow you to earn Mypoints points which are then redeemable for United miles. You need 6,100 MyPoints to earn 2500 miles or 12,000 MyPoints to earn 5000 miles. MyPoints also has other ways to earn miles.

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