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Machu Pichu

Machu Pichu is one of the worlds great travel destinations and for good reason. The ruins of this Incan city are quite well preserved allowing visitors to wander the complex of buildings and roads. The ruins themselves are in good enough condition to be one of the worlds greatest archaeological sights but Machu Pichu also sits in a beautiful location amongst sheer mountain cliffs and one hell of a view.

This is a good view of Machu Pichu. You can see a lot of the city from this vantage point but the city sprawls out over the top of the mountain with terraced cliffs for food crops.

A great view of the bulk of the city


The terraced mountainside provide the people of Machu Pichu with plenty of space to grow crops for the residents who lived there.

Me at soaking in all the glory of Machu Pichu




The city walls of many of the building are still very much intact. This is one city that the Spanish didn’t make it to. You can see how well the city walls are standing after hundreds of years.


One of the fun things about Machu Pichu is that you are allowed to walk around much of what remains here. You are free to explore the buildings and paths that made up the old city.



The stone work for the temple of Machu Pichu was done with more care and effort than the stone work for the buildings. You can see that the temple stones were carved with much more care and precision.





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