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Getting ready for rural Bangladesh

View of Dhaka
Boat Taxi Dhaka Bangladesh
View from top of BRAC center
Buriganga river view Dhaka
BRAC internship staff
BRAC intership staff

Preparing for the BRAC internship

The BRAC staff took all the interns out on the roof of the building and we did a mock version of some of the field interviews and questions we might get asked during the internship.

We sat in a group just as we would do in rural Bangladesh and pretended to use a translator. A little awkward considering we knew they understood English. But i guess it did show as a little peak of what meeting with BRAC recipients in the field was going to be like: a little awkward.

The roof of the BRAC high rise building is one of the best places to catch a view of all of Dhaka. Just over the river is one of the largest informal neighborhoods in Dhaka called Karail. Space is at such a premium that Karail resident have built some of their houses on the water! BRAC may be one of the largest NGO’s in the world but they are still no match for the needs of the hundreds of millions of people that live there.

View from top of BRAC center
Looking at Karail from BRAC center

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