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Monserrate towers over Bogota

The mountain by the name Monserrate towers over Bogota giving the best views of the city and quite a hike if your up for it. (There is also a cable car if your not)

No matter how you make up Monserrate once you get to the top you find a well manicured park with restaurants, fountains, gardens and a market. And, you get the best view of Bogota your going to get.

Whatever way you decide to reach the top of the mountain there is a 17th century church, restaurants, fountains, well manicured gardens and other touristy things to see. In addition to all this you will never get a better view on Bogota than on top of Monserrate. I think this picture above does a great job of showing the overall layout of Monserrate, its meandering paths and gardens, and of course the view.

There are two ways to get up to the top of Monserrate. One is to take the cablecar from the bottom of the mountain. The other is to hike the trail up the mountain. If your up to it I would say hike the trail. The trail is paved with rocks and is slightly uneven. It winds its way up the hill eventually getting fairly steep with plenty of odd shaped steps, turns and switchbacks. Eventually, after rising to 3000 meters above sea level you reach the top of Monserrate.

Here are a few shots of the path on the way up.
And for those not up to the mountain hike:

For us it was a cloudy day with a little wind, perfect weather for mountain hike. We also had almost no crowds to deal with so we felt like we had the path all to ourselves at times.

The trail also has some great panoramic shots overlooking Bogota.


Once you reach the top of the Monserrate there is a bunch of touristy stuff to gawk at: a market, food, a 17th century church, people, military, fountains, statues and gardens etc… When we reached the top it was a cloudy, drizzling and very windy. Which for us was perfect because we took the long hike up.

A few shots around the complex on the top:


There is also the shopping section to tour around and behind it is are some places to eat that are not the fancy restaurants around the corner.
One last panarama with my friend Chris face in the middle
It seems like no matter where you are in Bogota you can see Monserrate towering over the city. It’s easy to get lost in a new and large city like Bogota and Monserrate served as a guide for us while exploring. We were always able to find La Candelaria by looking for Monserrate and the church because it is situated directly below the cable car building. On Sunday’s hundreds of people crowd the path to make their way to the top. With it’s constant visibility over Bogota it seems that Monserrate is an important part of Bogota’s identity and something you should see if your coming all the way to Colombia.

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