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New Market: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka New Market entrance
Looking out towards the city from the entrance to New Market

The new market in downtown Dhaka is the biggest and oldest bazar in the city. Its something like 35 acres of shops and stalls. You can find just about anything you might want hear from clothing, household goods, food…almost anything. The market was built in the fifties and now shows it’s age like much of Dhaka’s infrastructure. It offers a great opportunity for you to shop, and most imortantly, for you to bargain. Bargaining is a normal part of Bangladeshi culture so if you don’t bargain you will grossly overpay for everything. Plus, the salesman will probably think you are strange for not interacting in the normal way. Roaming the stalls of the market we met some great shop owners who were all friendly and welcoming.

New Market entrance Dhaka
A view of New Market entrance

The New Market entrance.

New Market entrance Dhaka
You get a sense of the age of the New Market from this shot.

Being in Dhaka you are always surrounded by people, rickshaws, cars, construction and noises. This picture kind of gives you a little taste of that feeling.

Crowded streets around New Market Dhaka
Walking the streets around New Market is crowded

After making our way around one small corner of the market we had all collected the items we needed or wanted. This walkway overlooks the entrance to the market and I got some good shots of the area.

New Market entrance Dhaka
A view of New Market entrance

Looking toward one of the entrances to New Market from the third floor. You can see how congested Dhaka can feel after spending some time here.

Most of the new market stalls are located in a triangle road or alley complete with a mosque and several multistory buildings. You can see one leg of the triangle above.

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